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odutil(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                odutil(1)


     odutil -- allows caller to examine or change state of opendirectoryd(8)


     odutil show
            [cache | sessions | nodes | modules | requests | nodenames | statistics | all]
     odutil show configuration nodename [module modulename] [option option]
     odutil reset [cache | statistics]
     odutil set log
            [default | alert | critical | error | warning | notice | info | debug]
     odutil set configuration nodename [module modulename] option option
            value1 ...
     odutil set statistics [on | off]


     Use odutil to look at internal state information for opendirectoryd,
     enable or disable logging, or change statistics settings.

     Available commands:

     show            Show various internal information. Subcommands:
                     cache       Outputs contents of the cache.  Note, this
                                 output is not included in show all command.
                     sessions    List all open sessions
                     nodes       List all open nodes
                     modules     List all loaded modules
                     requests    List all active requests
                     statistics  Outputs statistics information.  Some statis-
                                 tics are always enabled (membership). Addi-
                                 tional statistics can be enabled see 'set
                                 statistics on'.
                     nodenames   List all available node names
                     all         List all of the above information (excludes

     show configuration nodename
                     Show configuration of a specific node, Subcommands:
                     module modulename
                                 Specific module is requested, otherwise
                                 global options
                     option option
                                 Output a value of a specific option.

     reset           Reset various internal information. Subcommands:
                     cache       Resets all caches including membership and
                                 kernel (does not affect DNS cache)
                     statistics  Resets any accumulated statistics.

     set log         Changes logging level. Levels are lowest to highest. This
                     state is persistent across reboots and must be changed to
                     a new level or 'default'.
                     alert       Enables logging of messages of alert level or
                     critical    Enables logging of messages of critical level
                     error | default
                                 Enables logging of messages of error level or
                                 lower (default value)
                     warning     Enables logging of messages of warning level
                     notice      Enables logging of messages of notice level
                                 or lower
                     info        Enables logging of messages of info level or
                     debug       Enables logging of messages of debug level or

     set configuration nodename
                     Sets either global or per-module options accordingly.
                     module modulename
                                 If module is omitted, then global option is
                     option option value1 ...
                                 Set a specific option to one or more values
                                 as appropriate.

     set statistics  Enables or disables extended statistics. Statistics
                     include per-process-name call statistics and per-API call
                     and latencies.  This setting is persistent across reboots
                     and should not normally be run as it is memory intensive.
                     on          Enables statistics tracking
                     off         Disables statistics tracking



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