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notificationconf(1)       BSD General Commands Manual      notificationconf(1)


     notificationconf -- configures how aosnotifyd responds to the NSServer-
     NotificationCenter api


     notificationconf command [command_args]


     notificationconf is a utility to configure the push notification client
     functionality.  The functionality is accessed by programs using the
     NSServerNotification api, and this utility configures options for aosno-
     tifyd that are outside the scope of the api.


     You must specify a command to select a specific function to perform. Each
     command accepts its own arguments.


     Here are brief descriptions of all the notificationconf commands:

     setpass hostname username
             Configures a password and user name in the keychain that aosnoti-
             fyd can use to access a notification server.  It prompts for the

     removepass hostname
             Removes the keychain entry for the specified server

     usessl hostname
             Forces the client to use an SSL connection to the specified
             server.  The server must have a certificate the client will vali-

     nossl hostname
             Sets the client back to the default state of not using an SSL
             connection for the specified server.

     createnode hostname nodename username
             Creates a node on the server to send notifications using.  Before
             a client can subscribe to notifications with a given name, the
             server must be configured with a node with a matching name.  A
             user name is specified and the tool prompts for a password.  This
             user must have permissions to create notification nodes on the





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