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nigrep(1)                                                            nigrep(1)


       nigrep - search for a regular expression in the NetInfo hierarchy


       nigrep expression [ -t ] domain [ directory ... ]


       nigrep  searches  through  the  specified domain argument for a regular
       expression.  It searches the domain's directory  hierarchy  depth-first
       starting from the root directory. It can also start from each directory
       specified on the command line.

       The domain argument can be specified as an absolute or relative  domain
       name.  The  domain  argument  can  be specified as a network address or
       hostname and tag if preceded by the -t option.

       On output, nigrep prints the directory ID number of the directory which
       contains  the regular expression, and the property key and values where
       it was found.  A line is printed for each property  that  contains  the
       regular expression.


       -t     Specify domain as a network address or hostname and tag.


       % nigrep '[Nn]et' /

       % nigrep '[Nn]et' -t

       % nigrep '192.[0-9]+.172' -t astra/network /machines

       % nigrep '/Net/server.*/Users' .. /users /mounts




       Marc Majka, Apple Computer Inc.

Apple Computer, Inc.            August 9, 1994                       nigrep(1)

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