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nettop(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                nettop(1)


     nettop -- Display updated information about the network


     nettop [-nc] [-m <mode>]


     The nettop program displays a list of sockets or routes. The counts for
     network structures are updated periodically. While the program is running
     the following keys may be used:

     q        Quit

     Up Arrow
              Scroll up

     Down Arrow
              Scroll down

     Right Arrow
              Scroll Right

     Left Arrow
              Scroll Left

     d        Toggle delta output

     r        Redraw screen

     p        Toggle human readable numbers

     e        Expand all

     c        Collapse all

     h        Bring up the help menu

     j        Bring up the column selection menu.  In this mode you can
              enable/disable columns and change their order.


     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -m <mode>
              Specify the mode. By default, nettop will monitor TCP and UDP
              sockets. The following modes are supported:

              tcp      Only TCP sockets will be monitored

              udp      Only UDP sockets will be monitored

              route    Instead of sockets, the routing table will be monitored

     -n       Disable address to name resolution

     -c       Less intensive use of the CPU - draws less often

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