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native2ascii(1)                                                native2ascii(1)


       native2ascii - native to ASCII converter


       native2ascii [ options ]
            [ inputfile [outputfile]]


       The Java compiler and other Java tools can only process files that con-
       tain  Latin-1  or   Unicode-encoded   (\udddd   notation)   characters.
       native2ascii  converts files that contain other character encoding into
       files containing Latin-1 or Unicode-encoded charaters.

       If outputfile is omitted, standard output is used for output.  In addi-
       tion, if inputfile is omitted, standard input is used for input.


       The following options are supported:

       -encoding encoding_name
            Specifies  the encoding name that is used by the conversion proce-
            dure.   The  default  encoding  is  taken  from  system   property
            file.encoding.   The  encoding_name  string must be one taken from
            the first column of the table of supported encodings in  the  Sup-
            ported Encodings document:


            Performs  the  reverse  operation: converts a file with Latin-1 or
            Unicode-encoded characters to one with native-encoded  characters.

       -Joption       Pass option to the Java virtual machine, where option is
                      one of the options described on the  man  page  for  the
                      java  application  launcher,  java(1).  For example, -J-
                      Xms48m sets the startup memory to 48 megabytes. It is  a
                      common convention for -J to pass options to the underly-
                      ing virtual machine.

                                  22 Jun 2004                  native2ascii(1)

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