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mtx-interface(1)       ConTeXt Interface Related Goodies      mtx-interface(1)


        mtx-interface - ConTeXt Interface Related Goodies


       mtxrun --script interface [ OPTIONS ...  ] [ FILENAMES ]


       ConTeXt Interface Related Goodies


              generate context mkii interface files

              equals --interfaces --messages --languages

              generate scite interface

              generate bbedit interface files

              generate jedit interface files

              generate textpad interface files

       --text create text files for commands and environments

       --raw  report commands to the console

              generate check file

              report the mening of commands

              replace named characters by utf

              preprocess mkvi files to tex files [force,suffix]

              use given suffix for output files

              force action even when in doubt

              a pattern for meaning lookups


       More  information  about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be
       found at:

       maillist: /

       webpage: /


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