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mtx-fonts(1)           ConTeXt Font Database Management           mtx-fonts(1)


        mtx-fonts - ConTeXt Font Database Management


       mtxrun --script fonts [ OPTIONS ...  ] [ FILENAMES ]


       ConTeXt Font Database Management


              save open type font in raw table

              save a tma file in a more readable format

              generate new font database (use --force when in doubt)

              --simple:generate luatex-fonts-names.lua (not for context!)

       --list --name: list installed fonts, filter by name [--pattern]

       --list --spec: list installed fonts, filter by spec [--filter]

       --list --file: list installed fonts, filter by file [--pattern]

              filter files using pattern

              key-value pairs

       --all  show all found instances (combined with other flags)

       --info give more details

              enable trackers

              some info about the database

              use name instead of unicodes

              use specific cache (otl or otf)


       More  information  about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be
       found at:

       maillist: /

       webpage: /


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