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       mrtg-contrib - Contribution Guidelines for MRTG


       If you have written an extension to mrtg or created a bug fix, please
       consider contributing it to the project. As I get quite a number of
       contributions every week, here are a few guidelines which explain how
       to contribute so that I can use the contribution without too much
       additional work.

       MRTG messages have been translated to a number of languages but there
       are still many which have not been covered yet. If you want to add
       yours, go into the mrtg-2.17.3/translate directory and follow the
       instructions given in the README file.

       When you have created your modification or extension to mrtg and want
       to submit it to me, please crate a patch for the files which you have
       modified.  Do not send entire files unless they are new.

       To create a patch, get hold of a copy of GNU diff (Many Unix systems
       will have this installed already. In the NT world you might want to get to get all the nice GNU tools
       available.)  and type

        diff --unified --ignore-space-change old-file new-file > simple.patch

       or if you have modified several files do

        diff --recursive --unified --ignore-space-change old-dir/ new-dir/ >long.patch

       All documentation of mrtg is done with the perl POD system. If you want
       to learn about it, type

        perldoc perlpod

       and read the instructions. If you have bugfixes or additions to the
       existing documents, make sure you modify the POD files and not the html
       or txt versions.

       I take documentation very seriously. Whenever you create a new feature
       for mrtg which you want to get included in the official release, your
       patch must also contain modifications for the relevant pod file in the
       doc tree or for the documentation sections of cfgmaker and indexmaker.


       Send your patches, translations and contributions to Tobias Oetiker


       Tobias Oetiker <>

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