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mkhtmlindex(1)                                                  mkhtmlindex(1)


       mkhtmlindex - generate index files for HTML man pages




       The  mkhtmlindex program generates index files for a directory of HTML-
       formatted manual pages.  It searches for files whose names are  of  the
       form  "name.1/",  and outputs index files "manindex1/", "manin-
       dex.2/", and so on, one for each manual volume.  Empty index  files
       will  be  removed.   Names  and  descriptions are found by scanning the
       first <H2> section of each page.


       mkhtmlindex takes only one argument: the directory to process.


       This utility is currently rather specific to X manual pages.   In  par-
       ticular,  the format of the index files it outputs is not configurable,
       nor is the HTML formatting it expects of manual pages.


       The version of  the  mkhtmlindex  included  in  this  X.Org  Foundation
       release  was  originally  written  by  David  Dawes  wrote as a part of

       Colin Watson wrote this manual page, originally for the Debian Project.

X Version 11                      imake 1.0.2                   mkhtmlindex(1)

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