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mk-ca-bundle(1)               mk-ca-bundle manual              mk-ca-bundle(1)


       mk-ca-bundle - convert mozilla's certdata.txt to PEM format


       mk-ca-bundle [bilnqtuv] [outputfile]


       The  mk-ca-bundle  tool  downloads the certdata.txt file from Mozilla's
       source tree over HTTP, then parses certdata.txt and  extracts  CA  Root
       Certificates  into  PEM  format.   These  are  then  processed with the
       OpenSSL commandline tool to produce the final ca-bundle file.

       The default outputfile name is ca-bundle.crt. By setting it to  '-'  (a
       single  dash) you will get the output sent to STDOUT instead of a file.

       The PEM format this scripts uses for output makes  the  result  readily
       available  for use by just about all OpenSSL or GnuTLS powered applica-
       tions, such as curl, wget and more.


       The following options are supported:

       -b     backup an existing version of outputfilename

       -f     force rebuild even if certdata.txt is current (Added in  version

       -i     print version info about used modules

       -l     print license info about certdata.txt

       -n     no download of certdata.txt (to use existing)

       -q     be really quiet (no progress output at all)

       -t     include plain text listing of certificates

       -u     unlink (remove) certdata.txt after processing

       -v     be verbose and print out processed CAs


       Returns 0 on success. Returns 1 if it fails to download data.




       mk-ca-bundle  is  a  command line tool that is shipped as part of every
       curl and libcurl release (see It was  originally
       based on the parse-certs script written by Roland Krikava and was later
       much improved by Guenter Knauf.  This manual page was  written  by  Jan
       Schaumann <>.

version 1.17                      5 Jan 2013                   mk-ca-bundle(1)

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