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lzmadec(1)                                                          lzmadec(1)


       lzmadec - small and fast LZMA decoder


       lzmadec [--help] [everything else is ignored]


       lzmadec  is  a small and fast decoder for LZMA compressed files.  It is
       intended to work as a drop-in replacement for lzma in situations  where
       available  disk  space  is limited, only decoder is needed and the data
       can be decompressed from the standard input  to  the  standard  output.
       This  has  been  achieved by simply ignoring all command line arguments
       except --help.


       lzmadec returns 0 on success and 1 on error. Checking the  exit  status
       is  the only way to detect errors because lzmadec never prints any mes-
       sages except when --help is specified.


       You can replace lzma executable with lzmadec for example in  this  kind
       of situations:
       lzma -d < myfile.lzma > myfile || echo Error
       lzma -d < myfile.lzma | less
       tar xf myfile.tar.lzma --use=lzma myfile1.bin myfile2.txt
       tar xYf myfile.tar.lzma (Requires tar patched to support LZMA.)


       LZMAdec  (lzmadec) is part of the LZMA utils written originally for the
       Tukaani   Linux    by    Lasse    Collin    <>.

       The  actual  decoding  is done by the code from the LZMA SDK written by
       Igor Pavlov.


       lzma(1), lzmainfo(1)

LZMA utils                        28 May 2005                       lzmadec(1)

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