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krb5-config(1)                   MIT Kerberos                   krb5-config(1)


       krb5-config - tool for linking against MIT Kerberos libraries


       krb5-config  [--help  |  --all  |  --version  |  --vendor  | --prefix |
       --exec-prefix | --defccname | --defktname | --defcktname |  --cflags  |
       --libs [libraries]]


       krb5-config  tells the application programmer what flags to use to com-
       pile and link programs against the installed Kerberos libraries.


       --help prints a usage message.  This is the default  behavior  when  no
              options are specified.

       --all  prints the version, vendor, prefix, and exec-prefix.

              prints the version number of the Kerberos installation.

              prints the name of the vendor of the Kerberos installation.

              prints the prefix for which the Kerberos installation was built.

              prints the prefix for executables for which the Kerberos instal-
              lation was built.

              prints the built-in default credentials cache location.

              prints the built-in default keytab location.

              prints  the built-in default client (initiator) keytab location.

              prints the compilation flags used to build the Kerberos  instal-

       --libs [library]
              prints  the  compiler  options  needed  to link against library.
              Allowed values for library are:

                         |krb5        | Kerberos  5   applications |
                         |            | (default)                  |
                         |gssapi      | GSSAPI  applications  with |
                         |            | Kerberos 5 bindings        |
                         |kadm-client | Kadmin client              |
                         |kadm-server | Kadmin server              |

                         |kdb         | Applications  that  access |
                         |            | the Kerberos database      |


       krb5-config  is  particularly  useful  for compiling against a Kerberos
       installation that was installed in a non-standard location.  For  exam-
       ple,  a  Kerberos installation that is installed in /opt/krb5/ but uses
       libraries in /usr/local/lib/ for text localization  would  produce  the
       following output:

          shell% krb5-config --libs krb5
          -L/opt/krb5/lib -Wl,-rpath -Wl,/opt/krb5/lib -L/usr/local/lib -lkrb5 -lk5crypto -lcom_err


       kerberos(7), cc(1)




       1985-2018, MIT

1.16.2                                                          krb5-config(1)

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