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kpfile(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                kpfile(1)


     kpfile -- convert raw kernel trace files


     kpfile [-iv] [-F hz] file ...
     kpfile -t [-Nv] [-F hz] [-o output-file] [-c code-file] file
     kpfile -z [-v123] [-F hz] [-o output-file] file ...
     kpfile -V version [-v0123] [-F hz] [-o output-file] file ...


     The kpfile program converts raw kernel trace files to a different version
     of the raw trace file format. Files are converted in place unless an
     alternate output file is set by -o output-file.

     In -t mode, the trace file is printed in text form.

     In -i mode, summary information about the trace files is printed.

     The following options are available:

     -c code-file
             Import trace codes from code-file in addition to the default set
             in /usr/share/misc/  If the option is given more than
             once, the code files are merged.

     -F hz   Provide the timebase frequency. Version 1 trace files don't
             include the frequency of the timebase used to generate time-
             stamps, and kpfile makes an educated guess. Use this option to
             override the guess. It has no effect when reading trace files
             with an embedded timebase frequency. See also the hw.tbfrequency
             sysctl OID.

     -H      Use default parameters from the local host. This will include
             hw.tbfrequency and hw.model values from the host running the
             kpfile tool when converting trace files that don't include this
             information. This is appropriate when converting traces that were
             recorded on the same machine.

     -h      Print help message.

     -i      Print summary information about trace files.

     -N      Do not import trace codes from /usr/share/misc/

     -o file
             Write output to file instead of converting files in place.

     -t      Print trace file as text.

     -V v    Convert trace files to version v.  Supported format versions are
             1, 2, and 3.

     -v      Print extra information.

     -z      Compress trace files. Files are converted to the preferred format
             version that supports compressed event data.

     -0      Don't compress trace files.

     -1      Use the fastest compression level.

     -2      Use the medium compression level.

     -3      Use the best compression level. This is the default.


     fs_usage(1), latency(1), trace(1)

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