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jsadebugd(1)                                                      jsadebugd(1)


       jsadebugd - serviceability agent debug daemon


       jsadebugd [pid] [server-id]
       jsadebugd executable core [server-id]


       jsadebugd  attaches  to a Java process or core file and acts as a debug
       server. Remote clients such as jstack, jmap, and jinfo  can  attach  to
       the  server  using Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Before starting
       jsadebugd, rmiregistry must be started with:

              rmiregistry -J-Xbootclasspath/p:$JAVA_HOME/lib/sajdi.jar

       where $JAVA_HOME is the J2SE SDK installation  directory.   If  rmireg-
       istry  was  not started, jsadebugd will start an rmiregistry in a stan-
       dard (1099) port internally. Debug server may  be  stopped  by  sending
       SIGINT (pressing Ctrl-C) to it.

       NOTE  -  This utility is unsupported and may or may not be available in
       future versions of the J2SE SDK.  jinfo is not currently  available  on
       Windows platforms or on the Linux Itanium platform.


       pid            process  id  of  the  process  to which the debug server
                      should attach. The process must be a  Java  process.  To
                      get  a  list of Java processes running on a machine, jps
                      may be used.  At most one instance of the  debug  server
                      may be attached to a single process.

       executable     Java executable from which the core dump was produced.

       core           core file to which the debug server should attach.

       server-id      optional unique id, needed if multiple debug servers are
                      started on the same machine. This ID  must  be  used  by
                      remote  clients  to identify the particular debug server
                      to attach. Within a single  machine,  this  ID  must  be


       jinfo(1) jmap(1) jps(1) jstack(1) rmiregistry(1)

                                 13 June 2004                     jsadebugd(1)

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