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javaconfig(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            javaconfig(1)


     javaconfig -- get Java configuration information


     javaconfig [-vendor] key [key ...]


     This tool is used to retrieve configuration data about the location of
     Java-related files, for building or running Java projects.  The value for
     the specified key or keys is printed to stdout, with any environment
     variables such as $HOME expanded.

     The information is searched for in the following locations, in this

     1.   vendor-specific information in JavaConfiguration user domain

     2.   non-vendor-specific information in JavaConfiguration user domain

     3.   vendor-specific information in /System/Library/Java/JavaConfig.plist

     4.   non-vendor-specific information in /System/Library/Java/JavaCon-

     The default vendor on Mac OS X is "apple".  A different vendor can be
     specified with a -vendor flag.

     Typical use of this tool is: javaconfig DefaultClasspath


     /System/Library/Java/JavaConfig.plist  System-wide Java configuration

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