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java_home(1)                                                      java_home(1)


       java_home - return a value for $JAVA_HOME


       /usr/libexec/java_home [options]


       The java_home command returns a path suitable for setting the JAVA_HOME
       environment variable.  It determines this path  from  the  user's  pre-
       ferred  Java  in  the  Java  Preferences  application.  Additional con-
       straints may be provided to filter the  list  of  JVMs  available.   By
       default, if no constrants match the available list of JVMs, the default
       order is used.  The path is printed to standard output.


       -v or --version  version
              Filters the returned JVMs  by  the  major  platform  version  in
              "JVMVersion" form. Example versions: "1.5+", or "1.6*".

       -a or --arch  architecture
              Filters  the  returned  JVMs  by  the architecture they support.
              Example architectures: "i386", "x86_64", or "ppc".

       -d or --datamodel  datamodel
              Filters the returned JVMs capable of running  in  32  or  64-bit
              mode.  Supported  datamodels:  "-d32"  and  "-d64". Specifying a
              datamodel is synonymous with specifying a  particular  architec-

       -t or --task  task
              Selects from the list of JVMs which can run a specific task. The
              order of each of these lists is  set  by  the  Java  Preferences
              application.  Supported  tasks: "Applets", "Applications", "Web-
              Start", and "CommandLine". The default task is "CommandLine".

       -F or --failfast
              Immediatly fails when filters return no JVMs; does not print out
              the path to the default $JAVA_HOME.

       -X or --xml
              Prints the list of selected JVMs and associated properties as an
              XML plist to stdout.

       -V or --verbose
              Prints the matching list of JVMs and architectures to stderr.

       -h or --help
              Brief usage information.


       /usr/libexec/java_home helps users set a $JAVA_HOME in their  login  rc
       files,  or  provides  a way for command-line Java tools to use the most
       appropriate JVM which can satisfy a  minimum  version  or  architecture

       Usage for bash-style shells:
              $ export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home`

       Usage for csh-style shells:
              % setenv JAVA_HOME `/usr/libexec/java_home`

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