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install_name_tool(1)                                      install_name_tool(1)


       install_name_tool - change dynamic shared library install names


       install_name_tool [-change old new ] ... [-id name] file


       Install_name_tool  changes  the  dynamic  shared  library install names
       recorded in a Mach-O binary.  For this tool to work  when  the  install
       names  are  larger  the  binary should be built with the ld(1) -header-
       pad_max_install_names option.

       -change old new
              Changes the dependent shared library install name old to new  in
              the specified Mach-O binary.  More than one of these options can
              be specified.  If the Mach-O binary does  not  contain  the  old
              install  name  in  a  specified  -change  option  the  option is

       -id name
              Changes the shared library  identification  name  of  a  dynamic
              shared  library  to name.  If the Mach-O binary is not a dynamic
              shared library and the -id option is specified it is ignored.



Apple Computer, Inc.            March 26, 2001            install_name_tool(1)

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