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initlocation(1)         PostgreSQL Server Applications         initlocation(1)


       initlocation - create a secondary PostgreSQL database storage area


       initlocation directory


       initlocation  creates a new PostgreSQL secondary database storage area.
       See the discussion under CREATE DATABASE [create_database(7)] about how
       to  manage  and  use  secondary storage areas. If the argument does not
       contain a slash and is not valid as a path, it  is  assumed  to  be  an
       environment variable, which is referenced. See the examples at the end.

       In order to use this command you must be logged in (using su, for exam-
       ple) as the database superuser.


       To  create  a  database  in an alternate location, using an environment

       $ export PGDATA2=/opt/postgres/data

       Stop and start postmaster so it sees the PGDATA2 environment  variable.
       The system must be configured so the postmaster sees PGDATA2 every time
       it starts. Finally:

       $ initlocation PGDATA2
       $ createdb -D PGDATA2 testdb

       Alternatively, if you allow absolute paths you could write:

       $ initlocation /opt/postgres/data
       $ createdb -D /opt/postgres/data/testdb testdb


       PostgreSQL Administrator's Guide

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