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hwloc-patch(1)                       hwloc                      hwloc-patch(1)


       hwloc-patch - Apply a topology difference to an existing XML topology


       hwloc-patch [options] [<topology.xml> | refname] [<diff.xml> | -] <out-

       hwloc-patch [options] [<topology.xml> | refname] [<diff.xml> | -]


       -R --reverse
                 Reverse the sense the difference file.

       --version Report version and exit.


       hwloc-patch loads the difference between two topologies from a XML file
       (or  from  the  standard input) and applies it to an existing topology,
       generating a new, modified one.

       The XML difference may have been computed earlier  with  hwloc-diff  or

       If  <output.xml> is given, the new, modified topology is stored in that
       new file. Otherwise, <topology.xml> is modified in place.

       If refname is given instead of <topology.xml>, the input topology file-
       name  is  automatically guessed by reading the refname field of the XML
       diff file.  By default hwloc-diff generates XML diffs  with  the  right
       reference topology filename (without any path prefix).

       If  -  is  given instead of <diff.xml>, the topology difference is read
       from the standard input.

       NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the hwloc(7) overview page
       before  reading  this  man  page.   Most  of  the concepts described in
       hwloc(7) directly apply to the hwloc-patch utility.


       hwloc-patch's operation is best described through several examples.

       Apply a XML topology difference file to an existing topology:

           $ hwloc-patch fourmi023.xml diff.xml fourmi023-new.xml

       Apply a XML topology difference file whole refname field  contains  the
       right input topology:

           $ hwloc-patch refname diff.xml fourmi023-new.xml

       Apply a XML topology from the standard intput:

           $ cat diff.xml | hwloc-patch fourmi023.xml - fourmi023-new.xml

       Directly  compute the difference between two topologies and apply it to
       another one, in place:

           $   hwloc-diff   fourmi023.xml    fourmi024.xml    |    hwloc-patch
       fourmi025.xml -


       Upon  successful  execution, hwloc-patch outputs the modified topology.
       The return value is 0.

       hwloc-patch also returns nonzero if any kind of error occurs,  such  as
       (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line.


       hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-diff(1), hwloc-compress-dir(1)

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