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hwloc-compress-dir(1)                hwloc               hwloc-compress-dir(1)


       hwloc-compress-dir - Compress a directory of XML topologies


       hwloc-compress-dir [options] <inputdir> <outputdir>


       -R --reverse
              Uncompress a previously compressed directory.

       -v --verbose
              Display verbose messages.


       hwloc-compress-dir  takes an input directory containing XML exports and
       tries to compress it by computing topology diffs between them (with the
       hwloc-diff  program).   Each  file  is  copied  in the output directory
       either as a diff if it could be compressed, or as its  original  entire
       file otherwise.

       hwloc-compress-dir  may recompress a directory that was previously com-
       pressed. All input files that are  already  in  the  output  directory,
       either  compressed  or not, are ignored. New input files are compressed
       as much as possible as usual.

       For each file of the directory, the output filename is the same as  the
       original  if  not  compressed,  otherwise  its  extension is changed to

       Compressed files are based on  another  non-compressed  topology.   Its
       name is stored in the refname topology diff attribute.

       The  generated output diff files may be used with hwloc-patch just like
       any file generated by hwloc-diff.


       To compress the input files from directory in into directory out:

           $ hwloc-compress-dir in out


       Upon successful execution, hwloc-compress-dir returns 0.

       hwloc-compress-dir will return nonzero if any  kind  of  error  occurs,
       such as (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line.


       hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-diff(1), hwloc-patch(1)

1.8.1                            Feb 04, 2014            hwloc-compress-dir(1)

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