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grsync(1)                       rsync frontend                       grsync(1)


       GRSYNC - GTK+ frontend for rsync


       grsync [-e] [session_name]


       GRSYNC is a simple graphical interface using GTK2 for the rsync command
       line program.  It currently supports only a limited  set  of  the  most
       important  rsync features, but can be used effectively for local direc-
       tory synchronization.


       GRSYNC you can specify a session to load instead  of  default  one,  by
       typing it as command line option.  the "-e" commandline option automat-
       ically executes the session and closes grsync when finished


       Website <>


       GRSYNC was written by Piero Orsoni <>.

       This manual page was written  by  Daniel  Baumann  <daniel.baumann@pan->, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).
       Updated by Piero Orsoni.

0.6                               2007-07-18                         grsync(1)

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