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gmtwhich(1)                           GMT                          gmtwhich(1)


       gmtwhich - Find full path to specified files


       gmtwhich files [  -A ] [  -C ] [  -D ] [  -G ] [  -V[level] ]

       Note:  No  space  is allowed between the option flag and the associated


       gmtwhich reports the full paths to the files given on the command line.
       We  look for the file in (1) the current directory, (2) in $GMT_USERDIR
       (if defined), (3) in $GMT_DATADIR (if defined), or (4) in $GMT_CACHEDIR
       (if  defined).  If  found we print the full path name to the file, just
       the directory (see -D), or a confirmation (see  -C).  The  $GMT_USERDIR
       and  $GMT_DATADIR  environment variables can be colon-separated list of
       directories, and we search recursively down  any  directory  that  ends
       with  / (i.e., /export/data is a single directory whereas /export/data/
       will be searched recursively.)


       files  One or more file names of any data type (grids, tables, etc.).


       -A     Only consider  files  that  the  user  has  permission  to  read
              [Default consider all files found].

       -C     Instead  of reporting the paths, print the confirmation Y if the
              file is found and N if it is not.

       -D     Instead of reporting the paths, print the directories that  con-
              tains the files.

       -G     If  a  file argument is a downloadable file (either a full UR, a
              @file  for   downloading   from   the   GMT   Site   Cache,   or
              earth_relief_*.grd)  we  will  try  to  download the file if not
              found in your local data or cache dirs.

       -V[level] (more a|)
              Select verbosity level [c].

       -^ or just -
              Print a short message about the  syntax  of  the  command,  then
              exits (NOTE: on Windows just use -).

       -+ or just +
              Print  an extensive usage (help) message, including the explana-
              tion of any module-specific  option  (but  not  the  GMT  common
              options), then exits.

       -? or no arguments
              Print a complete usage (help) message, including the explanation
              of all options, then exits.


       To see the full path to the file myjunk.txt, use

              gmt which myjunk.txt

       To download the 10 arc-minute global relief  file  from  the  GMT  data
       site, use

              gmt which -G earth_relief_10m.grd

       which  will  print the path (after downloading if not already present).
       The file will be placed in the useras GMT_USER_DIR.  To  obtain  a  GMT
       example or test file from the GMT cache site, try

              gmt which -G @hotspots.txt

       which  will  print the path (after downloading if not already present).
       The file will be placed in the useras GMT_CACHE_DIR directory.




       2017, P. Wessel, W. H. F. Smith, R. Scharroo, J. Luis, and F. Wobbe

5.4.2                            Jun 24, 2017                      gmtwhich(1)

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