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glibtool(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              glibtool(1)


     glibtool, glibtoolize -- generic shared library support


     glibtool [arguments]
     glibtoolize [arguments]


     glibtool and glibtoolize are scripts that provide generic shared library
     support to package developers.  It is actually the GNU libtool and
     libtoolize scripts, renamed to avoid conflict with the Apple-provided

     As of version 1.5.22, better Mac OS X support is provided.  The -arch,
     -framework and -isysroot options are now passed to the compiler/linker as
     would be expected.  Bundles can be built using the --undefined
     dynamic_lookup link option, if the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment
     variable is set to 10.3 or greater.

     The rest of this manual page describes the additional features added to
     glibtool for Mac OS X.  More general documentation is listed below.


     glibtool uses the tilde ``~'' character to separate command sequences.
     Obviously, pathnames containing tildes can cause problems.  So an envi-
     ronment variable, LIBTOOL_CMD_SEP, was added to specify an alternate sep-
     arator character.  Note that same control characters are ignored by the
     shell; CTRL-B and CTRL-Z seem to work fine, while CTRL-A and DELETE do


     ar(1), libtool(1), ranlib(1)

     /Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/DeveloperTools/glibtool

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