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glds(1)                                                                glds(1)


       glds,  glds_features  -  calculate  the  spatial  grey level difference
       matrix and features on it


       glds image matrix xpos ypos xsize ysize dx dy

       glds_features matrix


       glds creates a 256 by 1  one  channel  spatial  grey  level  difference
       matrix (sglds) of the box determined by the parameters (xp, yp; xs, ys)
       within the vasari image file image.  The matrix  is  written  onto  the
       vasari  image  file  matrix.   The displacement vector is determined by
       (dx, dy).  The user must ensure that  there  is  enough  border  pixels
       around the box within im dictated by the displacement vector (dx,dy) or
       else the program fails.  All entries of the sgld matrix are double nor-
       malised  to  the  number  of pairs involved.  This function is a direct
       implementation of the paper: Haralick R. M., Shanmugan K. and  Dinstein
       I.,  'Textural features for image classification', IEEE Transactions on
       Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Vol. SMC-3, No 6, Nov. 1973, pp 610-621.

       Input im should be one band unsigned char image file.

       glds_features  calculates features on the spatial grey level difference
       vasari image file matrix.  The calculated features are printed  in  the


       im_glds_matrix(3X), im_glds_asm(3X), im_glds_contrast(3X), im_glds_cor-
       relation(3X), im_glds_entropy(3X).


       N. Dessipris


       N. Dessipris - 27/02/1992

                                27 January 1992                        glds(1)

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