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git-count-objects(1)              Git Manual              git-count-objects(1)


       git-count-objects - Count unpacked number of objects and their disk


       git count-objects [-v] [-H | --human-readable]


       This counts the number of unpacked object files and disk space consumed
       by them, to help you decide when it is a good time to repack.


       -v, --verbose
           Report in more detail:

           count: the number of loose objects

           size: disk space consumed by loose objects, in KiB (unless -H is

           in-pack: the number of in-pack objects

           size-pack: disk space consumed by the packs, in KiB (unless -H is

           prune-packable: the number of loose objects that are also present
           in the packs. These objects could be pruned using git prune-packed.

           garbage: the number of files in object database that are neither
           valid loose objects nor valid packs

           size-garbage: disk space consumed by garbage files, in KiB (unless
           -H is specified)

       -H, --human-readable
           Print sizes in human readable format


       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.9.0                         06/13/2016              git-count-objects(1)

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