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gifwedge(1)                  GIFLIB Documentation                  gifwedge(1)


       gifwedge - create a GIF test pattern


       gifwedge [-v] [-l lvls] [-s sizex sizey] [-h] [gif-file]


       A program to create a test GIF image with intensity levels of the RGB
       colors YCM colors and white.


           Verbose mode (show progress). Enables printout of running scan

       -l lvls
           Set number of intensity levels per color. This number must be power
           of two up to 32, as Gif format can only have 256 color
           simultaneously and 7 basic colors are to be displayed.

       -s sizex sizey
           Force image size to be SizeX by SizeY pixels. Image size will be
           rounded down to be a multiple of number of intensities
           horizontally, and 7 (colors) vertically.

           Print one line command line help, similar to Usage above.


       Gershon Elber.

GIFLIB                            2 May 2012                       gifwedge(1)

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