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gem(1)                    BSD General Commands Manual                   gem(1)


     gem, gem_mirror, gem_server, gemlock, gemri, gemwhich,
     index_gem_repository.rb, update_rubygems -- RubyGems helper programs


     gem command [arguments...] [options...]
     gem_server [options...]
     gemlock [options] [libname ...]
     gemri [options] [name ...]
     gemwhich [options] [libname ...]
     index_gem_repository.rb [options]


     These are various helper programs that are part of the RubyGems distribu-
     tion, a sophisticated package manager for the Ruby programming language.

     For more information about a specific program, you can use its --help
     flag. There is also online documentation available at

     gem is the main interface to the RubyGems packaging system.

     gem_server is a tool to serve your entire set of installed gems to any-

     gemlock generates a series of require_gem commands that will lock down an
     application or library to a particular version of their dependent gem.

     gemri acts as a wrapper for the ri(1) command to read gems RI documenta-

     gemwhich is a script that behaves like the which(1) command for ruby
     libraries and gem repositories.

     index_gem_repository.rb generates index files for your RubyGems server.

     update_rubygems is an internal script used to update RubyGems.




     RubyGems was originally developed at RubyConf 2003 by Rich Kilmer, Chad
     Fowler, David Black, Paul Brannan and Jim Weirch, and has received a lot
     of contributions since then. You can obtain the RubyGems sources at

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