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ftpwho(1)                                                            ftpwho(1)


       ftpwho - show current process information for each FTP session




       The  ftpwho  command  shows  process information for all active proftpd
       connections, and a count of all connected users  off  of  each  server.
       Proftpd  sesssions spawned from inetd are counted separately from those
       created by a master proftpd standalone server.


       -h,--help   Display a short usage description, including all  available

       -f,--file scoreboard-file
                   Specify the full path to proftpd's run-time scoreboard file
                   (configured   via   the   ScoreboardFile    directive    in
                   proftpd.conf  ).   If  proftpd's default directory has been
                   changed via this directive, ftpwho must  either  be  recom-
                   piled,  or  this  option  must  be  used  in  order to find
                   proftpd's scoreboard.

       -o,--outform format
                   Specify an output format.   Currently,  three  formats  are
                   supported:  compat,oneline  and json.  The compat format is
                   used for backward compatibility.  The oneline format causes
                   all of the fields for a session to be displayed on a single
                   line, for ease of line-based  searches  (e.g.  grep).   The
                   json  format emits all of the information as a JSON object.

                   Reports additional information for each connection, such as
                   the remote host and current working directory.  -S,--server
                   server-name Specify the ServerName for a  specific  virtual
                   host.   If  used, ftpwho will only show session information
                   for the given virtual host.




       ProFTPD is written and maintained by a number of people,  full  credits
       can be found on



       Full  documentation  on  ProFTPD,  including configuration and FAQs, is
       available at

       For  help/support,  try  the  ProFTPD  mailing   lists,   detailed   on

       Report bugs at

                                  March 2003                         ftpwho(1)

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