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fltk-config(1)                                                  fltk-config(1)


       fltk-config  - script to get information about the installed version of


       fltk-config [ --prefix [=DIR] ] [ --exec-prefix [=DIR] ] [ --version  ]
       [ --api-version ] [ --use-gl ] [ --use-images ] [ --use-glut ] [ --cc ]
       [ --cxx ] [ --cflags ] [ --cxxflags ] [ --ldflags ] [ --ldstaticflags ]
       [ --libs ] [ -Dname[=value] ] [ -g ] [ --compile program.cxx ]


       fltk-config  is  a  utility  script that can be used to get information
       about the current version of FLTK that is installed on the system, what
       compiler  and  linker  options to use when building FLTK-based applica-
       tions, and to build simple FLTK applications.

       The following options are supported:

            Displays the current FLTK API version number, e.g. "1.1".


            Displays the C/C++ compiler that was used to compile FLTK.


            Displays the C/C++ compiler options to use when  compiling  source
            files that use FLTK.

       --compile program.cxx
            Compiles  the  source  file program.cxx into program.  This option
            implies "--post program".

            Enables debugging information when compiling  with  the  --compile

            Displays  the  linker  options to use when linking a FLTK applica-

            Displays the linker options to use when linking a FLTK application
            to the static FLTK libraries.

            Displays  the  full path to the FLTK library files, to be used for
            dependency checking.

            Enables OpenGL support.

            Enables GLUT support.

            Enables image file support.

            Displays the current FLTK version number, e.g. "1.1.0".


       fluid(1), fltk(3)
       FLTK Programming Manual
       FLTK Web Site,


       Bill Spitzak and others.

6 February 2007               Fast Light Tool Kit               fltk-config(1)

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