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dyldinfo(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              dyldinfo(1)


     dyldinfo -- Displays information used by dyld in an executable


     dyldinfo [-arch arch-name] [-rebase] [-bind] [-weak_bind] [-lazy_bind]
              [-export] [-opcodes] file(s)


     Executables built for Mac OS X 10.6 and later have a new format for the
     information in the __LINKEDIT segment.  The dyldinfo tool will display
     that information.

     The options are as follows:

     -arch arch
             Only display the specified architecture.  Other architectures in
             a universal image are ignored.

             Display the table of rebasing information.  Rebasing is what dyld
             does when an image is not loaded at its preferred address.  Typi-
             cally, this involves updating pointers in the __DATA segment
             which are point within the image.

     -bind   Display the table of binding information.  These are the symbolic
             fix ups that dyld must do when an image is loaded.

             Display the table of weak binding information.  Typically, only
             C++ progams will have any weak binding.  These are symbols which
             dyld must unique accross all images.

             Display the table of lazy binding information. These are symbols
             which dyld delays binding until they are first used.  Lazy bind-
             ing is automatically used for all function calls to functions in
             some external dylib.

             Display the table symbols which this image exports.

             Display the low level opcodes used to encode all rebase and bind-
             ing information.


     otool(1) nm(1)

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