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ENCODE(1)                                                            ENCODE(1)


       dvconnect - receive or transmit raw DV using the video1394 device


       dvconnect [ options ] raw dv files or '-- -' for stdin/stdout


       dvconnect  captures  raw DV streams from or sends raw DV streams to the
       Linux IEEE 1394 video1394 device.

              show dvconnect version number.

       -s, --send
              send data instead of capturing.

       -v, --verbose
              show status information while receiving / sending.

       -c, --channel=number
              channel to send / receive on (range: 0 - 63, default = 63).

       -k, --kbuffers=number
              number of kernel video1394 frame buffers to use. default = 8.

              start at count frame (defaults to 0).

       -e, --end-frame=count
              end at count frame (defaults to unlimited).

              cip n ntsc timing counter (default: 2436).

              cip d ntsc timing counter (default: 38400).

              syt offset (default: 10000 range: 10000-26000).

       -b, --buffers=number
              max number of file io thread buffers to use. default = 250.

       -u, --underrun-data=filename
              file with the frame to send in case of underruns.

       -d, --device=filename
              Specify the video1394 device (default /dev/video1394/0).

       Help Options

       -?, --help
              Show help message.

              Display brief usage message.




       See for the latest version.


       dvconnect was written by Peter Schlaile <>.

       This manual page is based on dvconnect's help message and  was  written
       by Dan Dennedy <>.

                                 January 2004                        ENCODE(1)

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