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dsperfmonitor(1)          BSD General Commands Manual         dsperfmonitor(1)


     dsperfmonitor -- A Directory Tool for monitoring plugin performance in
     Directory Services


     dsperfmonitor -a | -d | -dump | -flush


     The dsperfmonitor tool is a command line utility for enabling internal
     plugin performance monitoring in the DirectoryService daemon.  This tool
     allows you active and deactivate/dump information on what API calls are
     made to plugins, how long they took to respond, and what the last 5
     errors in any API were.

     The options are as follows:


     -a       Acivate performance monitoring

     -d       Deactivate performance monitoring and dump a tab delimited
              result to /var/log/system.log

     -dump    Dump a tab delimited result to /var/log/system.log

     -flush   Reset statistics


     DirectoryService(8) dscl(1) dirt(1) DirectoryServiceAttributes(7)

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