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dolfin-convert(1)                                            dolfin-convert(1)


       dolfin-convert - Convert to DOLFIN XML format


       dolfin-convert [OPTIONS] ... input.x output.y


       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

       -i format, --input format
              Specify input format.

       -o format, --output format
              Specify output format.

       Supported formats:

       xml    - DOLFIN XML mesh format (current)

              - DOLFIN XML mesh format (DOLFIN 0.6.2 and earlier)

       mesh   - Medit, generated by tetgen with option -g

       gmsh   - Gmsh, version 2.0 file format

       metis  - Metis graph file format

       scotch - Scotch graph file format

              - Diffpack tetrahedral grid format

       abaqus - Abaqus tetrahedral grid format

              - Sandia Format (requires ncdump utility from NetCDF)

       NetCDF - NetCDF format (requires ncdump utility from NetCDF)

       StarCD - StarCD terahedral grid format

       If  --input  or  --output are not specified, the format will be deduced
       from the suffix:

       .xml   - xml

       .mesh  - mesh

       .gmsh  - gmsh

       .msh   - gmsh

       .gra   - metis

       .grf   - scotch

       .grid  - diffpack

       .inp   - abaqus

       .e     - ExodusII

       .exo   - ExodusII

       .ncdf  - NetCDF

       .vrt   - StarCD

       .cell  - StarCD


       Send comments, questions,  bug  reports  etc.  to  dolfin@lists.launch-


       dolfin-convert was originally written by Anders Logg  <>.
       Several  others have contributed to add support for different mesh for-
       mats. This manual page  was  written  by  Johannes  Ring  <johannr@sim->.


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