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dirt(1)                   BSD General Commands Manual                  dirt(1)


     dirt -- A Directory Tool for testing Directory Services


     dirt [-c] [-g] [-s] [-l | -m path | -n]
          [-q query_iterations [-d seconds]] -u username [-p password]


     The dirt tool is a command line utility for testing Directory Services.
     Common usages are to do simple authentication tests on various nodes
     (including search node) as well as repetitive stress testing.

     The options are as follows:


     -l       Search Local node only

     -c       Search the Contacts search path (default is to use the Authenti-
              cation path)

     -m path  Search on node named path

     -q n     Perform the specified query operation n times. (specify 0 to
              loop forever)

     -d n     Sleep n seconds between each query iteration.  Default is 0.

     -g       Search for groups instead of users.

     -a auth_method
              Use specified authentication method. Available methods:
                    nt --> SMB-NT

     -s       Grep the DS headers for final status code.


     DirectoryService(8) dscl(1) DirectoryServiceAttributes(7)

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