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cvsginfo(1)                                                      cvsginfo(1)


       cvsginfo - Xsan Storage Pool Information


       /System/Library/Filesystems/acfs.fs/Contents/bin/cvsginfo  [-ld]  file-


       cvsginfo displays information about the storage pools currently in  use
       on  a client machine. The list of active storage pools is obtained from
       the Xsan filesystem, and is matched up with a list of all disk  devices
       obtained from the FSM.

       A  client  filesystem  may  be divided into multiple storage pools (see
       cvfs_config(4) for more information on configuring Xsan file  systems).
       For  the  filesystem  that  contains filename (typically the filesystem
       mount point), cvsginfo will print out which storage pools  are  active.
       The  -l  flag will display additional information on the disk names and
       striping characteristics.


        -l long listing
              Display information about the number of blocks, disk names,  and
              striping characteristics for each storage pool.

       -d Debug
              Print out information useful in diagnosing problems.


       cvfs_config(4) mount_acfs(1) fsm(8)

Xsan File System                                                  cvsginfo(1)

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