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cvgather(1)                                                        cvgather(1)


       cvgather - Compile debugging information for a Xsan File System


       cvgather  -f  VolName  [-sukx]  [-o OutputFile] [-n NumberOfCvlogs] [-U
       UserCore] [-K KernelCore] [-p SnfsPath]


       The cvgather program is used to collect debug information from  a  vol-
       ume.   This  creates  a tar file of the system's Xsan File System debug
       logs, configuration, version information and disk devices.

       The cvgather program will collect client debug  information  on  client
       machines and server information on server machines, as well as portmap-
       per information from all machines. System log files as well as Xsan log
       files  are  included.  At the users option, cvgather also collects core
       files from user space utilities, such as the fsm,  and  also  from  the
       operating system kernel, when available.


       When  the  operator  encounters  an error using Xsan and wishes to send
       debugging information to Apple technical support, the cvgather  utility
       may  be  run.   The  following command arguments and options affect the
       behavior of cvgather.

       -f VolName
              Specify the name of the volume for which  debugging  information
              should  be  collected.  Some  information  is  universal  to all
              installed volumes, while some is unique to each file system.

       -k     Collect the core file from the  operating  system  kernel.  This
              option  is  not  supported  on Linux. The -k option collects the
              kernel core from the default location for the machine's  operat-
              ing system. To collect the kernel core from another location use

       -K KernelCore
              Collect the kernel core file from any file. You must specify the
              full filename as well as the path.

       -n NumberOfCvlogs
              Specify  the number of cvlog files to include in the tarball. If
              this option is not selected, 4 will be used. This is the default
              number of cvlogs used by the fsm.

       -o OutputFile
              Specify  the name of the output file. This name is appended with
              the suffix '.tar'. If this option is not selected, the  name  of
              the volume will be used as a default.

       -p SnfsPath
              Specify  the  file  path to the Xsan install directory.  If this
              option  is  not  selected,  the  path   /System/Library/Filesys-
              tems/acfs.fs/Contents will be used as a default.

       -s     Gather symbol information without core files.

       -u     Collect  the  core  file from user executables, such as the fsm.
              By default, if they exist, cvgather will pick up  a  file  named
              "core"  and the the most recently modified "core.*" file on sys-
              tems that support core  file  names  with  extensions.   The  -u
              option  collects  core  files  from the 'debug' directory in the
              Xsan directory.  To collect user core files from  another  loca-
              tion or core files with with non-standard names use -U.

       -U UserCore
              Collect  the  user core file from any file. You must specify the
              full filename as well as the path.

       -x     Exclude files that are collected by pse_snapshot. Note that this
              option  is  intended to be used by pse_snapshot only and not for
              general use. The behavior of  this  option  may  change  without

       When  cvgather  is run it will create a tar file, that can be simply e-
       mailed to Apple technical support for  evaluation.  It  is  recommended
       that the tar file be compressed into a standard compression format such
       as compress, gzip, or bzip2.


       IMPORTANT: cvgather creates a number of temporary files, thus must have
       write  privileges for the directory in which it is run. These files, as
       well as the output tar file can be very large, especially when the ker-
       nel  core file is included, thus adequate disk space must be available.

       Several important log files are only accessible by the root user,  thus
       it is important that cvgather be run with root privileges to gather the
       entire range of useful information.




       cvdb(1), cvversions(1), cvfsid(1) cvlabel(1)

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