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cvaffinity(1)                                                    cvaffinity(1)


       cvaffinity - Set an affinity type


       cvaffinity -s <key> filename

       cvaffinity -l filename

       cvaffinity -d filename


       cvaffinity  can  be used to set an affinity for a specific storage pool
       on a file or directory, or list the current affinity.  An  affinity  is
       created  in  a  storage  pool  through  the  volume  configuration (see
       cvfs_config(4).) It is a name, up to eight (8) characters, describing a
       special  media  type.  Use  cvadmin  (1)  to see what affinity sets are
       assigned to the configured storage pools.

       If the affinity does not exist for any of the storage pools,  then  the
       allocation  will  occur on the non-exclusive storage pool.  If there is
       no non-exclusive storage pool, an ENOSPC is returned.


       -s     <key> is the Affinity Key to associate with the file  or  direc-
              tory  and  is  defined  as a 'MediaType' name in the file system
              configuration. Use the program 'cvadmin'  to  see  the  Affinity
              Keys  active  in  this file system.  For files with an Affinity,
              new blocks allocated to that file are placed on a  storage  pool
              with  the  specified Affinity.  For directories with an Affinity
              new files created in that directory inherit  the  Affinity  from
              the directory.

       -l     This  option  says  to  just list the affinity for the specified
              file and exit.

       -d     This option says to delete the affinity from the specified  file
              or directory, if one exists.

              Specifies  any  file  or directory on the targeted volume.  When
              the -k option (set session affinity) is specified, or  no  other
              option  is specified, the filename option is used as a read-only
              reference handle in order to access the volume.   When  the  -s,
              -d,  or  -l  options are used, the filename option specifies the
              file or directory operated on.


       List the affinity on the file /usr/clips/foo.

          rock # cvaffinity -l /usr/clips/foo

       Set this file or directory to use the storage pool that has  the  jmfn8
       affinity type.

          rock # cvaffinity -s jmfn8 /usr/clips/filename

       Remove  the  affinity  from  the  /usr/clips/mydir, if one is currently

          rock # cvaffinity -d /usr/clips/mydir


       cvfs_config(4), cvadmin(1)

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