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cupstestppd(1)                    Apple Inc.                    cupstestppd(1)


       cupstestppd - test conformance of ppd files


       cupstestppd  [ -I category ] [ -R rootdir ] [ -W category ] [ -q ] [-r]
       [ -v[v] ] filename.ppd[.gz] [ ... filenameN.ppd[.gz] ]
       cupstestppd [ -R rootdir ] [ -W category ] [ -q ] [-r] [ -v[v] ] -


       cupstestppd tests the conformance of PPD files to the Adobe  PostScript
       Printer  Description file format specification version 4.3. It can also
       be used to list the supported options and  available  fonts  in  a  PPD
       file. The results of testing and any other output are sent to the stan-
       dard output.

       The first form of cupstestppd tests one or more PPD files on  the  com-
       mand-line.  The second form tests the PPD file provided on the standard


       cupstestppd supports the following options:

       -I filename
            Ignores all PCFileName warnings.

       -I filters
            Ignores all filter errors.

       -I profiles
            Ignores all profile errors.

       -R rootdir
            Specifies an alternate root directory for the filter,  pre-filter,
            and other support file checks.

       -W constraints
            Report all UIConstraint errors as warnings.

       -W defaults
            Except  for size-related options, report all default option errors
            as warnings.

       -W filters
            Report all filter errors as warnings.

       -W profiles
            Report all profile errors as warnings.

       -W sizes
            Report all media size errors as warnings.

       -W translations
            Report all translation errors as warnings.

       -W all
            Report all of the previous errors as warnings.

       -W none
            Report all of the previous errors as errors.

            Specifies that no information should be displayed.

            Relaxes the PPD conformance requirements  so  that  common  white-
            space,  control character, and formatting problems are not treated
            as hard errors.

            Specifies that detailed conformance testing results should be dis-
            played rather than the concise PASS/FAIL/ERROR status.

            Specifies that all information in the PPD file should be displayed
            in addition to the detailed conformance testing results.

       The -q, -v, and -vv options are mutually exclusive.


       cupstestppd returns zero on success and non-zero on  error.  The  error
       codes are as follows:

            Bad command-line arguments or missing PPD filename.

            Unable to open or read PPD file.

            The PPD file contains format errors that cannot be skipped.

            The PPD file does not conform to the Adobe PPD specification.


       The  following command will test all PPD files under the current direc-
       tory and print the names of each file that does not conform:

           find . -name \*.ppd \! -exec cupstestppd -q '{}' \; -print

       The next command tests all PPD files under the  current  directory  and
       print  detailed  conformance  testing results for the files that do not

           find . -name \*.ppd \! -exec cupstestppd -q '{}' \; \
               -exec cupstestppd -v '{}' \;


       Adobe PostScript Printer Description File Format Specification, Version


       Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc.

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