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CODESIGN_ALLOCATE(1)                                      CODESIGN_ALLOCATE(1)


       ctf_insert - insert the (__CTF,__ctf) section data into the mach_kernel


       ctf_insert input [ -arch arch file ]... -o output


       ctf_insert inserts the cft (Compact File Type) data into a  mach_kernel
       creating  (__CTF,__ctf) sections.  The input must not have this section
       or it is an error.  And the program must be passed one  -arch  argument
       for  each  architecture in a universal file, or exactly one -arch for a
       thin file.

       input  specifies the input mach_kernel.

       -o output
              specifies the output file.

       -arch arch file
              specifies for the file containing the cft  (Compact  File  Type)
              data  to be used for the specified arch whos content will be the
              section's data.

Apple, Inc.                      March 2, 2010            CODESIGN_ALLOCATE(1)

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