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chklref(1)                       User Commands                      chklref(1)


       chklref - manual page for chklref 3.1.2


       chklref [options] texfile


       Check unused labels and bibitems in a LaTeX file


       --tex <compiler>, -t
              Specify the TeX compiler to be used. Default is `pdflatex`.

              List  of  options  to  pass  to the TeX compiler. It should be a
              quoted string of white space delimited  options.  Note  that  we
              always add `-interaction nonstopmode` on top of these options.

       --debug, -d
              Run in debug mode. Do not clean the generated `.chk` file.

       --quiet, -q
              Run  in quiet mode. Do not print the output of the TeX compiler.

              Do not run the LaTeX  compiler  but  use  the  already  existing
              `.chk`  file.   When  this option is passed, the following other
              options are meaningless:  `--tex`,  `--tex-options`,  `--quiet`,

       --version, -v
              Print the version of this script.

              Print this help.


       Written by Jerome Lelong <>


       Report  bugs  to `chklref` is known
       not to work with `cleveref`. If you would like to contribute to  `chkl-
       ref`, feel free to open a PR on


       Copyright 2005-2019 Jerome Lelong <>.  This pro-
       gram comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
       This is free software, and you are welcome  to  redistribute  it  under


       The  full  documentation for chklref is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If the info and chklref programs are properly installed at  your  site,
       the command

              info chklref

       should give you access to the complete manual.

chklref 3.1.2                    November 2019                      chklref(1)

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