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cdcontexttool(1)          BSD General Commands Manual         cdcontexttool(1)


     cdcontexttool, Other_name_for_same_program(), Yet another name for the
     same program. -- This line parsed for whatis database.


     cdcontexttool, [-abcd] [-a path] [file] [file ...] arg0 arg2 ...


     Use the .Nm macro to refer to your program throughout the man page like
     such: cdcontexttool, Underlining is accomplished with the .Ar macro like
     this: underlined text.

     A list of items with descriptions:

     item a   Description of item a

     item b   Description of item b

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -a       Description of -a flag

     -b       Description of -b flag


     /usr/share/file_name                          FILE_1 description
     /Users/joeuser/Library/really_long_file_name  FILE_2 description


     a(1), b(1), c(1), a(2), b(2), a(3), b(3)

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