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bitcode_strip(1)                                              bitcode_strip(1)


       bitcode_strip - remove or leave the bitcode segment in a Mach-O file


       bitcode_strip input [ -r | -m | -l ] -o output


       bitcode_strip  edits  the  input  Mach-O  file  and  with the -r option
       removes the bitcode segment, the segment named __LLVM and its  section.
       With the -m option removes the bitcode segment but leaves a marker.  Or
       with the -l option leaves only the bitcode segment in the  Mach-O  file
       an  the (__TEXT,__info_plist) section.  If the Mach-O file, or slice of
       a universal file, does not have a bitcode segment, it  is  left  essen-
       tially unchanged.

       input  specifies the input Mach-O file to operate on.

       -o output
              specifies the output file as output.

       -r     specifies the bitcode segment is to be removed.

       -m     specifies  the  bitcode segment is to be removed and a marker is

       -l     specifies   that   only   the   bitcode    segment    and    the
              (__TEXT,__info_plist)  section is to be left in the Mach-O file.

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