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bcomps(1)                                                            bcomps(1)


       bcomps - biconnected components filter for graphs


       bcomps [ -stvx?  ] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ]


       bcomps  decomposes  graphs  into their biconnected components, printing
       the components to standard output.


       The following options are supported:

       -s     No output graph is printed. Implies the -v flag.

       -t     Print the underlying block-cutvertex tree.

       -x     Each biconnected component is printed as a separate root  graph.

       -v     Prints number of blocks and cutvertices.

       -o outfile
              If  specified,  each  root  graph will be written to a different
              file with the names derived from outfile. In particular, if both
              -o  and  -x flags are used, then each block is written to a dif-
              ferent file. If outfile does not have a suffix, the nth block of
              the  ith graph is written to outfile_n_i. However, the 0th block
              of the 0th graph is written to outfile.

              If outfile has a suffix, i.e., has the form base.sfx,  then  the
              files  will  have  the  same name as above, except appended with

              The block-cutvertex tree of ith graph is written to outfile_n_T,
              with an appended suffix if specified.

       By  default,  each  input  graph is printed, with each block given as a
       subgraph whose name is a concatenation of the name of the input  graph,
       the string "_bcc_" and the number of the block.


       The following operand is supported:

       files   Names  of  files containing 1 or more graphs in dot format.  If
               no files operand is specified, the standard input will be used.


       bcomps  returns 0 if all the input graphs are biconnected; and non-zero
       if any graph has multiple blocks, or any error occurred.


       It is possible, though unlikely, that the names used for connected com-
       ponents  and their subgraphs may conflict with existing subgraph names.


       Emden R. Gansner <>


       ccomps(1), gc(1), dot(1), gvpr(1), gvcolor(1),  acyclic(1),  sccmap(1),
       tred(1), libgraph(3)

                               18 November 2003                      bcomps(1)

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