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RunTargetUnitTests(1)     BSD General Commands Manual    RunTargetUnitTests(1)


     RunTargetUnitTests -- run unit tests for the current target




     RunTargetUnitTests examines its environment and runs the unit tests it
     presumes are present using otest(1).

     RunTargetUnitTests is intended to be called from a shell script build
     phase.  It expects certain environment variables to be configured from
     Xcode build settings (see below).

     RunTargetUnitTests will run tests for all built architectures appropriate
     for the machine running the tests.


     ARCHS               The architectures the tests were built for; when
                         tests are run, they will be run once per architec-
                         ture.  If unspecified, tests are run for the archi-
                         tecture returned by arch(1).

     DEVELOPER_DIR       The Xcode folder, e.g. "/Developer". If unspecified
                         the value for SYSTEM_DEVELOPER_DIR will be used, or
                         "/Developer" if that also is unspecified.

     BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR  The directory containing built products; when tests
                         are run, this is specified in DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH.
                         If unspecified tests are run from the current working
                         directory with no DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH.

     FULL_PRODUCT_NAME   The full name of the built product, including its
                         wrapper extension if any.

     GCC_ENABLE_OBJC_GC  Whether or not the test bundle was compiled with
                         Objective-C garbage collection enabled.  Possible
                         values are unsupported, supported, and required.  If
                         not set, defaults to unsupported, which will run
                         otest(1) with Objective-C garbage collection dis-

     NATIVE_ARCH_ACTUAL  The architecture of the machine running the tests,
                         used to determine for which architectures tests can
                         be run.  If unspecified, defaults to the architecture
                         returned by arch(1).

     OTEST               The path to the otest command line tool; defaults to

     TEST_AFTER_BUILD    Set to YES to run tests, any other value will prevent
                         test execution.


     /Developer/Tools/RunTargetUnitTests  The script used to run tests from a
                                          shell script build phase.

     /Developer/Tools/otest               The OCUnit test rig.


     arch(1), otest(1)

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