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PlaylistBroadcaster(1)    BSD General Commands Manual   PlaylistBroadcaster(1)


     PlaylistBroadcaster -- hinted media playlist broadcaster


     PlaylistBroadcaster [-vhpcatfdl] [-i destAddress] [-e filename]
                         [-s broadcastnum] fileName


     PlaylistBroadcaster streams a playlist of hinted files to an instance of

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -v       Prints version

     -h       Prints usage

     -p       Verify a broadcast description file and movie list

     -c       Write the current movie to the log file

     -a       ANNOUNCE the broadcast to the server

     -t       Send the broadcast over TCP to the server

     -f       Force a new SDP file to be created even if one already exists

     -d       Run attached to the terminal

     -l       List currently running broadcasts

     -s broadcastnum
              Stop a running broadcast

     -i myconfigpath.conf
              Specify the destination ip address. Overrides config file value.

     -e filename
              Log errors to filename




     QuickTimeStreamingServer(8), MP3Broadcaster(1),

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