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MergePef(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              MergePef(1)


     /usr/bin/MergePef -- Merge multiple PEF containers into one file


     /usr/bin/MergePef [-v] [-t type] [-c creator] <input-file> ... -o


     The /usr/bin/MergePef command reads all input files, interpreting them as
     PowerPC Executable Format (PEF) container files.  It combines the files
     into one PEF containter and writes it to the output file.  MergePEF does
     not read Standard Input and will not write Standard Output.

     The /usr/bin/MergePef command accepts the following arguments:

     -v            Produce verbose diagnostics to standard output.

     -t type       Set the Extended HFS file type of the output file.  The
                   default value is 'shlb'.

     -c creator    Set the Extended HFS file creator of the output file.  The
                   default value is 'MACS'.

     <input-file>  One or more paths to PEF file containers.

     -o <output-file>
                   Path to the output file.


     The PEF container format is supported on Mac OS X by the Carbon runtime
     libraries, but is not the preferred executable format on Mac OS X.  There
     are no developer tools to create PEF containers natively on Mac OS X.



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