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DevToolsSecurity(1)       BSD General Commands Manual      DevToolsSecurity(1)


     DevToolsSecurity -- Change the security authorization policies for devel-
     oper systems




     This tool changes the security authorization policies for use of Apple-
     code-signed debugger and performance analysis tools on development sys-

     On normal user systems, the first time in a given login session that any
     such Apple-code-signed debugger or performance analysis tools are used to
     examine one of the user's processes, the user is queried for an admin-
     istator password for authorization.

     When the Xcode developer tools are installed, the post-install script
     automatically runs this DevToolsSecurity tool to change the authorization
     policies, such that a user who is a member of either the admin group or
     the _developer group does not need to enter an additional password to use
     the Apple-code-signed debugger or performance analysis tools.

     Developers will typically not need to run this tool manually.  If for
     some reason it needs to be run manually, it can be run from the usr/bin
     folder inside the Xcode tools folder.  For example, if the Xcode tools
     were installed at /Developer, then the script can be run from /Devel-

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