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CPlusTestRig(1)           BSD General Commands Manual          CPlusTestRig(1)


     CPlusTestRig -- runs CPlusTest unit test bundles


     CPlusTestRig [-test testname] testbundle


     CPlusTestRig loads and runs the bundle testbundle containing unit tests
     built with the CPlusTest framework (/System/Library/Frameworks/CPlus-
     Test.framework).  If one or more [-test testname] pairs is specified only
     those tests (TestCase and TestSuite instances) in testbundle are run.  If
     no such pairs are specified, all TestCase and TestSuite instances are run
     as part of the default "All" test suite.

     CPlusTestRig is intended for testing frameworks and libraries.  That is,
     it must be possible for CPlusTestRig to load testbundle into its own
     address space.  To test applications, use RunUnitTests(1) instead.

     To test a framework or library in a location other than the one recorded
     in testbundle at link time, use dyld(1) environment variables such as
     DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to ensure that the nonstandard
     location is searched.


     CPlusTestDelayExit  If this environment variable is present, CPlusTestRig
                         will print its process ID to standard output and
                         delay exit indefinitely upon completion.  This is
                         useful for running leaks(1) or other debugging tools.




     dyld(1), leaks(1), RunUnitTests(1)

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