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34.8 Current Working Directory

Command: cd dir
Command: chdir dir

Change the current working directory to dir. If dir is omitted, the current directory is changed to the user's home directory. For example,

cd ~/octave

Changes the current working directory to ‘~/octave’. If the directory does not exist, an error message is printed and the working directory is not changed.

See also: mkdir, rmdir, dir.

Command: ls options

List directory contents. For example,

ls -l
     -| total 12
     -| -rw-r--r--   1 jwe  users  4488 Aug 19 04:02 foo.m
     -| -rw-r--r--   1 jwe  users  1315 Aug 17 23:14 bar.m

The dir and ls commands are implemented by calling your system's directory listing command, so the available options may vary from system to system.

See also: dir, stat, readdir, glob, filesep, ls_command.

Function File: [old_cmd = ls_command (cmd)

Set or return the shell command used by Octave's ls command. The value of cmd must be a character string. With no arguments, simply return the previous value.

See also: ls.

Function File: dir (directory)
Function File: [list] = dir (directory)

Display file listing for directory directory. If a return value is requested, return a structure array with the fields


in which statinfo is the structure returned from stat.

If directory is not a directory, return information about the named filename. directory may be a list of directories specified either by name or with wildcard characters (like * and ?) which will be expanded with glob.

Note that for symbolic links, dir returns information about the file that a symbolic link points to instead of the link itself. However, if the link points to a nonexistent file, dir returns information about the link.

See also: ls, stat, lstat, readdir, glob, filesep.

Built-in Function: pwd ()

Return the current working directory.

See also: dir, ls.

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