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15.1.7 Interacting with plots

The user can select points on a plot with the ginput function or selection the position at which to place text on the plot with the gtext function using the mouse.

Function File: [x, y, buttons] = ginput (n)

Return which mouse buttons were pressed and keys were hit on the current figure. If n is defined, then wait for n mouse clicks before returning. If n is not defined, then ginput will loop until the return key is pressed.

Function File: b = waitforbuttonpress ()

Wait for button or mouse press.over a figure window. The value of b returns 0 if a mouse button was pressed or 1 is a key was pressed.

See also: ginput.

Function File: gtext (s)
Function File: gtext ({s1; s2; …})
Function File: gtext (…, prop, val)

Place text on the current figure using the mouse. The text is defined by the string s. If s is a cell array, each element of the cell array is written to a separate line. Additional arguments are passed to the underlying text object as properties.

See also: ginput, text.

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